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Norman Outley--President
Lorenza Goodlow
Jimmy Singeltary
Phillip Hill
Nolan Landry
Billy Herbert
Johnny Alexander
Cleveland Levy
John Bolds
Curtis Gilbert
John Leggington

In memory of:
John E. David
E.D. Barrett
Ezell Barrett
B. Carter
Willie Anderson
James Miller
Robert Valentine
Clifton Bluitt
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Prayer Meeting/Bible Study                      

                CHURCH COVENANT

Having been led, as we believe, by the spirit of God, to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, and on the profession of our faith, having been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, we do now in the presence of God, angels, and this assembly, most solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with one another, as one body in Christ.

    We engage therefore, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, to walk together in Christian love; to strive for the advancement of this church, in knowledge, holiness, and comfort;  to promote its prosperity and spirituality; to sustain its worship, ordinances, discipline, and doctrines; to contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of the ministry, the expenses of the church, the relief of the poor, and the spread of the gospel through all nations.

    We also engage to maintain family and secret devotion, to religiously educate our children; to seek the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances; to walk circumspectly in the world; to be just in our dealings, faithful in our engagements, and exemplary in our deportment; to avoid all tattling, back-biting, and excessive anger; to abstain from the sale and use of intoxicating drinks as a beverage, and to zealous in our efforts to advance the Kingdom of our Savior.

    We further engage to watch over one another in brotherly love; to remember each other in sickness and distress; to cultivate Christian sympathy in feeling and courtesy in speech; to be slow to take offence, but always ready for reconciliation, and mindful of the rules of our Savior, to secure it without delay.
    We, moreover, engage that when we remove from this place we will, as soon as possible, unite with some other church, where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant, and the principles of God’s Word.

Phillipine Island Sis Church Pastor Isreal Flores
Organized in 1876
                                 Bless the man of God

I can’t tell you how many born-again, Holy Ghosts filled Christians pick their Pastor on Saturday night and then expect him to pray the prayer of faith for them Sunday morning! They’ll constantly make critical comments about the evangelist and preachers that “GOD HAS SENT” to minister to them and then wonder why the rain of the spirit has all but dried up in their Churches.

   Most of those folks would never dream of criticizing the ministry of Jesus, yet according to the word of God, that’s precisely what they are doing.  You see, Jesus said, “He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me.”

   Although ministers fail and even come short of our expectations, Jesus knew they would too. But even so, he said “If you receive them, you receive me. If we think that a minister’s doctrine is wrong let’s pray for him. The scripture says, “Who are you to judge someone else’s servants? The ministers of God are not your servants, but Gods. Learn to receive the minister of God that Jesus sent you. You will be blessed.
Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
                                    Shiloh MBC Prayer List

Archie, Freddie Mae                      
                                       Nobles, Ernest Jr.                                          Henry, Pearl
Barrett, Etta                      Outley, Gene & Family                                Hudson, Carlotta
Barrett, Willie                    Outley, Mykeal                                           Johnson, Ellen
Bell, Delores                                                                     
                                                                                                            Kossio, Treva
Baldwin, Doris         , Sandra  Monday
Evans Zina                       Moore, Austin J    
David, Betty                      Bowens, Nicholas                                        Morrow, Jalen              
Gilbert Sr Curtis &Nola      Campbell, Wille Louise                                       
Goodlow, Lorenza             Cartwright, Bettye                                        Tatmon,      Daly
Hill Phillip Sr &Family       Chambers, Kimbie                                      

Hobbs, Family                                                       
Hunter, Jeri                       Douglas, Lola                                              Yarbrough Bobbi F.
Joseph, Janice                                                                                    Yarbrough, Rev: Robert 
                                       Easter, Marvin
Leonard, Rose                  Frank, Ida
Lewis, Mamie                   Griffin, Wesley

Senior Pastor Isreal Holmes
President Deacon Board: Norman Outley
Pastor Isreal & Sis Fairy Holmes
Barrett Station Texas
'Mailing address P.O Box  3477  Crosby, Texas 77532'
                                           Prayer for knowledge

Father I come today in the name of your blessed son Jesus Christ. Lord I am asking for your understanding, and knowledge of your word. I know that I need to know what your desires are and what you have me to do. Lord show me clearly so that I may righteously honor you in word and in truth. Keep my mind on you and your plans for me and my family. Show me how to pray the right way and give me grace when I fail. In the name of Jesus I pray  Amen  Rev: Robert Yarbrough: Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Barrett, Texas 77532

Church History:

Under the guidance of God, the late Rev: Lemenel Henry Langford Jr. Organized Shiloh MBC in the year 1876. Service was held in a one room building. Pastor Langford was not discouraged with the small membership. He often quoted the scripture:where there are two, or three together in His name, He would be in the midst. The next leaders were Rev: Chillis-Rev: Allen-Sj Sanders-Rev: P.H. Brown. Rev:Wyatt Gamble was devoted leader traveling from Houston, Texas in all kinds of weather. Pastor Gamble served for 23 years before his health failed.  Rev; G.S. Matthews was asked to preach in Pastor Gambles absence. The members were pleased with Rev: Matthews and voted to keep using him. The Chairman of the deacon board was C.W. Banks, Rev: Gamble was called home to receive his reward in glory. By popular vote Rev: G.S. Matthews was elected Pastor. The church continued to grow in members and finance, as well as spiritually.  Property was purchased to build a new "House Of Worship" next door.Pastor Matthews was also the President of the American Baptist Convention of Texas, and moderator of the Christian Benevolent District Association. Rev: Matthews served 41 years before becoming Ill in 1994. He diligently served the church. His message was, "Focus on one church one body. For the battle has been fought and the victory has been won. It was the grace of God that revealed Himself through Pastor Matthews once again during his last days here on earth, for his smile confirmed his peace of mind that he had finished his course. God called him home july 18th, 1995 to receive his reward in glory. Shiloh was without a Pastor for one year. Our searched was not overlooked among our flock. In July 1996 Pastor I.E. Holmes won the Pastorial election. 22 people came to the Lord on his first Sunday as Pastor. His theme "One Church one body" Taken from 1 Cor: 12:1-12.  Emphasis was put on the fact that every person the Church has a spiritual gift from God. Our vision has been brighten and it is evident that we are still on course. The churches mission is to keep pressing forward.

  Today Pastor Holmes encourages everyone to utilize their spiritual gift(S) that God has bestowed upon them and may God continue to bless everything that is done for the glory and honor of His name.
Welcome to Shiloh Missionary Baptist church and thank you for visiting out website.  On behalf of Pastor Holmes and the entire Shiloh family, we invite you to join us for our Sunday Morning services beginning 9:30am with Sunday school where our teachers are dedicated to presenting the word of God in an understandable manner for all ages. Our Sunday worship service begins at 11am every Sunday Beginning every month with our Senior Pastor delivering the word of God and throughout the month you can hear the word of God rendered from our other Reverends that grace the pulpit.  (for this part of the video, there can be Pictures of Sunday school and worship services as I speak). 
Our weekly bible study takes place every Tuesday beginning at 6:30 with prayer service and bible study beginning at 7pm.  You can come to both or just come for prayer! (show pics of prayer service)

Join our youth department every Sunday during worship service where your children will take delight in learning the word of God through objects, pictures and group activities. (Show pics of kids learning).  We also present youth night to our young members as well.  Youth night is every 2nd an 4th Wednesday of the month where the children and teenagers take part in bible games, fun, food and laughter!

You will also enjoy our 5 different choirs, the mass choir, Senior choir, the brotherhood choir, mission and young adult choir. (pics of different choirs and the musicians) Each rendering a song of holiness to uplift our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Our other programs include Women in Red, Ushers candlelight service, Family and friends day and much more. 

We welcome you with open arms to Come visit Shiloh where love is contagious, come and catch it! 

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Officers
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Pastor Isreal Holmes teaches bible class.
Jesus Is Lord!
Members of the Brotherhood Choir
Church Sec: DaVonna Fitzpatrick
140 year Church celebration 3rd Sunday in October 2016 3:P.M.
                          Banquet  September 24th 7:p.m.
Sometimes I just don't feel like going on.
song by:    Rev: C.V. Yarbrough
Love is contagious at Shiloh.
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Monday May 30th We will be remembering  our  brothers and sisters who gave their lives for this country.
7:00 PM.